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Be the Hero

There are many definitions of a hero. We think of people wearing spandex, caps, helmets and high boots. Someone that can be a symbol, someone that never kills and always has that quality to kind no matter what adversity faces them. People with light coming from their finger tips, a glow in their eyes or a mystical enchantment that make them who they are. Hero's are our champions.

That is not what makes a hero. Yes it is true that is what we look for. The reason that we look for that larger than life being, this person that is stronger than an army or faster than light. The reason that we look for them is for that one trait that we assume them to have. We look for them to show us what it means, "to have great power, and great responsibility".

The reality is that we never stop to think about us being the hero. We are not as fast as light, we are faster than turtles. We are not stronger than armies, but we are stronger than predators. We have not the power of lights coming from our finger tips or a magical enchantment. What we do have is the ability to simply be the hero to those that cannot do for themselves. Those that have no voice, to ask for food. Those that have no hands to sign that they are cold. Those that have nothing but their body and the will to live to communicate that they are in need.

I was recently brought to the path of this quiet little girl. She came to my door after a bike ride. In her own way she asked for food and water. My home would not permit me to bring her inside. My heart would not remain closed to her. So as fate would have it, I ran inside and gathered food and water for her.

Since that day, she has found her way back to my humble home. She has made it a point to come by either right when I start the ride or right at the end when I am about to come in the house Her small frame, lovely green eyes and playful nature always catch my attention.

It was me siting next to her as she ate the food that I laid out for her that I felt like a hero. I didn't have tight clothes, high boots, a helmet, a magic artifact, light coming from my fingers or the strength of armies. I was just someone that could make a difference in her life. She has grown from approaching me with caution to climbing up on my lap and perching her self on my knee.

For as much as I am her hero, she has shown me what it takes to be a hero.

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